I began this journey to serve the citizens of Randolph and Pocahontas Counties in 2018 and I am truly honored to have represented the 43rd District for 4 years.  I am now running for re-election to the new 67th District to represent portions of Randolph and Pendleton Counties. My view is "You" are my boss and I work for you, our small businesses, our region, and the great state of West Virginia.  I cannot be bought by out of state corporations or special interest groups.  My constituents will always be my #1 priority and I am your voice.  I'm pro-union/labor, pro small business, pro-education, pro-public employee, pro-veteran, pro-senior/retiree, and pro-healthcare.  It's time the people take West Virginia back for the working folks. 

We must fight for our teachers and all school staff!  We must fight for our students! Facing hundreds of shortages in such a crucial field does a disservice to our students, teachers, staff, administration, and communities. Cody has fought against legislation that would defund our public schools.

Cody attended and graduated from Harman High School.  A small rural K-12 community school where he graduated in a class of just 20 students.  Cody is a major advocate of keeping our community schools open and keeping class sizes small, so students receive more direct instruction from their teachers.  As a former teacher, Cody is dedicated to education and will be an ally to all students, teachers, and school employees. 


Randolph and Pendleton counties have been neglected for far too long in terms of investment to our infrastructure.  We need our highways upgraded to provide safer travel for our work commutes and for visitors to get here to support our tourism industry. 

High-speed internet is a necessity for modern life and unfortunately too many in our counties lack access to and reliable internet.  We need affordable high-speed internet to have a thriving economy.  Our students need access to the wealth of knowledge that is available online in their homes.  Our schools need access to reliable high-speed internet to teach the 21st century curriculum to prepare students for college, tech & trade schools, the military, and the workforce. 

Public Employees

Cody will continue to fight to ensure that public state employees receive raises that are fair and just and tied to the US inflation rate, so we don’t continually sink to the bottom. We must fight for pay raises for our teachers, service personnel, corrections officers, police officers, firefighters, DOH, DHHR, and all state employees and their families that keep our state running.  We cannot continue to lose our talented employees to other states and other industries because we don’t pay them a fair and equitable wage. 

P.E.I.A. (Public Employees Insurance Agency) is under attack.  Our public employees deserve affordable health insurance coverage.  Premium increases are causing our public employees to make less and less each year.  Higher deductibles are forcing too many into debt.  Where paying $25.00 a month to multiple hospitals and agencies is all they can afford after their paycheck has been raided with higher monthly insurance premiums.  Coverage shouldn’t be based on an online system where you are forced to report everything they require to get “points” toward your goal they determine or face higher premiums and deductibles.  Cody will continue to advocate and fight to fix and fully fund P.E.I.A.


We need to diversify our economy to bring more jobs and industries to our communities.  We need to support our current industries but also make our counties viable for 21st century industries and jobs.  We need sustainable jobs where our children and grandchildren can have lifelong careers and stay here in Randolph and Pendleton counties.